Professional Quality Real Estate Photography

Take real estate photos, that's how you get the pictures you want.


Professional real estate photography is the best way to convince buyers of residential & commercial properties. The following article describes what you have to pay attention to when taking real estate photos to achieve your desired result.


For property photography, you should use a camera with a wide-angle lens and a good image sensor.  The larger the sensor, the greater the ability to differentiate light and dark areas and thus avoid image noise.


One of the most important factors for real estate photographers is lighting. Make sure that there is enough available.  Switch on all lights in the property during the day. Do not use the camera flash. These flashes are intended for close-ups and not for rooms. Watch out for overexposure and avoid it. Areas in the picture that are too bright are lost and cannot be restored. Darker areas can still be edited afterwards.

If possible, set the ISO mode to "Auto" and use the "P" mode on your camera to take indoor pictures. Depending on the lighting conditions, you should use a tripod, as you may have to use slower shutter speeds in dark rooms and the image may be blurred without a tripod. Watch out for reflective surfaces. These can lead to undesirable effects, which can be avoided by using a polarizing filter. Make sure that personal things and decorations that do not belong to the room are not in the picture, these disturb the picture and have no place in object pictures.  Too many details (boxes, magazines, clothes) make the room look untidy and untidy. Bathrooms and toilets should be meticulously tidied for the real estate photos. This also applies to outdoor real estate photography, make everything that can be considered personal belongings disappear. If you're photographing a property that doesn't have an attractive exterior, you can enhance it by photographing it at dusk and turning on all the lights in the house.  One of the most common mistakes in real estate photography are sloping edges and walls. When you tilt the camera, the verticals tilt outwards or inwards. This gives the impression that the room or house is collapsing.


The benefit of using presets in image editing.


With presets you will be able to edit your images much faster than without. A preset is always a starting point where you need to make some fine adjustments. But this starting point immediately shows you in which direction you want to develop a photo or not.


If you want to edit a large number of photos, you can save the settings and then apply them to all the pictures in the series. And also apply them to the new images in a future shoot to see if one of the presets fits well. So you can quickly find a look you want to develop a photo and its complete series into. This is also very handy for real estate photography, so all images look similar.


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